Radiation Professionals Australia
Both DG Air and RPA are very similar in nature

Radiation Professionals Australia (RPA) is part of the DG Air Group and provides expert radiation advice to the mining, exploration, petroleum, industrial and regulatory sectors. Over the past 12 years, RPA has serviced many global oil & gas conglomerates including Chevron, Impex, and Woodside Petroleum.

RPA uses technology, its extensive expertise, and a forward-thinking approach to provide companies with the practical insights they need to operate more safely, efficiently, and productively. RPA’s innovative and cost-effective solutions include:

  • Strategic management of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORMs)
  • Industrial Radiation Gauges & Compliance
  • Radiation Consultancy
  • Radiation training provider
  • Isotopic Pig Tracking
  • Radiation Laboratory
DG Air and RPA

DG Air and RPA are very similar in nature: both have consultancy and training arms, and both operate in highly regulated fields where expert knowledge of regulations and compliance is used to service clients.

While working with different clients, the two companies operate in the same field and frequently collaborate to deliver successful outcomes. This effective relationship is built on each company’s industry-leading expertise and total commitment to customer satisfaction.

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