Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)

This course is aimed at personnel who want to become a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) for industrial sources and develop their knowledge and expertise in the management of radiation safety.

This course is appropriate for personnel who have a reasonable understanding of the activities carried out on an exploration, mining and processing site or in the oil and gas industry.

This course will provide the foundation knowledge to begin practical training under another licenced RSO on the site, to develop the skills so that the attendee may apply for a licence as the Radiation Safety Officer.

The course includes classroom and practical sessions, workshops and assignments as well as a written exam and portfolio of evidence for RSO certification. A moderate level of maths is required for this course.


Upon successful completion of this course trainees will be issued with a Certificate of Competency in Radiation Safety Management. The third day of the course is also is recognised as meeting the training course requirements for persons wishing to obtain a licence for the purpose of Transport of Radioactive Material as issued by the Radiological Council.

A portfolio of evidence as evidentiary support on completion of a mentoring program under a licenced RSO will support and allow for application of a Radiation Safety Officer Licence. Radiation Gauges and qualification for pre-requisite approval for licensing.

Course Structure

Basic Fundamentals
  • Structure of Matter
  • Radioactivity and Radiation
  • Measuring and Units
  • Biological Effects
  • Natural and Man-made radiation
Artificial Radioisotopes & Sources of Radiation
  • External and Internal Hazards
  • Safe handling and Shielding
  • Contamination/Leak Testing
  • Working Life of sources
  • Operational Hazards : X-rays, Gauges, Industrial Radiography
  • Security of Sources
Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)
  • External and Internal Hazards
  • Decay chains and Secular Equilibrium
  • Monitoring for NORM
  • Operational Hazards: Industry related
  • Decontamination & Waste Management
Monitoring Radioactivity
  • Monitoring potential exposure pathways
  • Choosing an Instrument
  • Instrument Maintenance
  • Gamma Surveys
  • Contamination Surveys
  • Other types of monitoring
  • Personal Dosimetry
  • Calibration and response checks
Radiation Protection/Control
  • RP Principles
  • Legal and Guidance Framework
  • Effective Radiation Safety Plans
  • Risk Assessments
  • Security & Emergency procedures
  • Radiation Management Plans
  • Interpret and Report Results
  • Waste Management
  • Accidents and Emergencies
Radioactive Material Transport
  • Transport Legislation
  • Radioactive Material Packaging
  • Consignment, labelling, Placarding
  • Industry Specific
  • Transport and Handling
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Application for licence
Regulatory Considerations
  • Legislation and Regulation
  • Radiation Safety Officer
  • Reporting & Audits

Why train with us?

Radiation Professionals has a long-standing track record of delivering very successful customised learning solutions achieving real and measurable value for our clients through our senior training consultants. Radiation Professionals Australia provide onsite training options which can be an ideal solution giving you the opportunity to customise our course content to your specific training needs. We are a radiation safety training provider recognised by the WA Radiological Council and the relevant regulatory authority in each State and Territory in Australia.

Course Details

DURATION: 5 Full Days

PRICE: $3600.00 +GST pp

TIMES: 8.30—5.00pm


PRE-REQUISITE(S): Radiation Awareness Online Course

LICENCING: Recognised by the WA Radiological Council, LS Licence submission assistance included

You will gain current knowledge; discuss how you can adapt these methods into your organisation and receive your portfolio of evidence as evidentiary support on completion of a mentoring program under a licenced RSO will support and allow for application of a Radiation Safety Officer Licence.

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