Safe Transport Of Radioactive Material

This course is appropriate for personnel involved directly in or supervising the transportation of radioactive materials. This course is designed for the purpose of acquiring your licence to transport radioactive material as well as providing knowledge/ skills to preform your job productively and safely. It is recommended for anyone needing to dispatch, transport or receive radioactive goods.

The course focuses on radiation applications in industry, materials involved, their characteristics and how to interact with them safely. The course is aligned with the ARPANSA Code of Practice.


A moderate level of maths is required for this course

Upon successful completion of this course trainees will be issued with a Certificate of Competency to transport Radioactive Material. This course is aligned with the Code of Practice and Safety Guide to Transport Radioactive Material and is recognised as meeting the training course requirements for persons wishing to obtain a licence for the purpose of Transport of Radioactive Material as issued by the Radiological Council

Course Structure

Basic Fundamentals
  • Structure of Matter
  • Radioactivity and Radiation
  • Measuring and Units
  • Biological Effects
  • Natural and Man-made radiation
Radioactive Material Packaging
  • Packages for transport
  • Transport Index
  • Categories of Packages
  • Marking/Labelling
  • Segregation
  • Stowage and Storage in transit
Radioactive Material Transport
  • Legislation
  • Placarding
  • Documents / Consignment
  • Transport
  • Transport of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)
  • Undeliverable Consignments
  • Transport by post
  • Transport of motorcycle
  • Passengers and assistants
  • Radiation Protection Program
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Application for licence

Why Train with Us?

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We are a radiation safety training provider recognised by the WA Radiological Council and the relevant regulatory authority in each State and Territory in Australia.

Course Details

DURATION: 1 Full Day (8.30 am—5.00 pm)

PRICE: $750 +GST pp


PRE-REQUISITE(S): Radiation Awareness Online Course

LICENCING: Recognised by the WA Radiological Council, LS Licence submission assistance included


You will gain current knowledge, discuss how you can adapt these methods into your organisation. This course is focused on giving you compelling take-away tools in a practical, interactive way so that you can apply them the next day and contextualise into your organisation.

Receive a comprehensive training manual as reference material as well as further reading.

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