Working Safely with NORM


This course has been developed for personnel who work in an environment where sources of ionising radiation are present and is appropriate for personnel working in the Oil & Gas industry who may be engaged in the planning, execution of, breaching / cleaning / replacing / repairing / maintaining infrastructure, or handling waste materials. The nature of NORM hazards and their control are outlined.

Course Purpose

Upon successful completion of this training, Radiation Professionals Australia will issue trainees with a Certificate of Competency for Working Safely with NORM.

On completion of the course trainees will have the skills required to apply radiation protection and work safety measures, which involve:

  • Recognising the hazards and risks associated with working near sources of ionising radiation
  • Interpreting and following site safety information
  • Using specified radiation protection and safety measures
  • Applying required operational safety measures
  • Responding appropriately to actual or potential emergencies

Desirable Prior Skills and Knowledge:

In order to deliver the training and assessment in the timeframe specified for the course, it is desirable that trainees come to the course with a range of skills and knowledge as listed:

  • Following workplace procedures and safety signs
  • Regularly assessing and reassessing risk hazards
  • Applying control measures to identify hazards
  • Responsibilities of employers including duty of care obligations
  • Location of controlled or supervised areas within worksite
  • Personal hygiene requirements
  • Use and care of PPE

Expected Learning Outcomes

The Elements of Competency listed below describe the essential outcomes aligned to the industry performance expectations.

  • Complete site safety inductions
  • Recognise site radiation hazards and degree of risk
  • Follow procedures for controlling radiation hazards
  • Follow workplace emergency response procedures
  • Report problems

Why Train with Us?

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Course Details

DURATION: 1 Full Day (8.30—5.00pm)

PRICE: $750 +GST pp


You will gain current knowledge; discuss how you can adapt these methods into your organisation. You will receive a Certificate of Competency.

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